A Heavy World on a Mother's Shoulders



A woman in one of our affordable rental homes is a mother of four, with her youngest just eleven months old.

She has been working two jobs to make ends meet. She was recently injured at one of her jobs, and her employer said they can no longer accommodate her light-duty status. Now her other employer has said they are having trouble accommodating her as well.

Because of the pandemic, she is unable to see her doctor for the care she needs to recover—her appointments have been pushed back to June. She is afraid she will lose her only remaining job due to this delay.

Her children’s daycare has closed due to COVID-19, and she relies on her teenage son to care for the baby while she works. This makes her very uncomfortable—it’s a lot of responsibility for her teenage son.

She is currently receiving food stamps, but they don’t cover an entire month. She has to supplement by buying groceries.

Beyond Housing is helping her with rent and utility assistance. She is working with her Housing Resource Specialist to learn budget management and is already making decisions to cut some of her expenses in order to prepare for what might come in the next few months.

She is experiencing considerable anxiety because this pandemic has come at the worst possible time due to her injured leg.

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