City of Northwoods Gets a Facelift


The City of Northwoods underwent significant chiseling and contouring at the hands of the dedicated construction crews of the 24:1 Construction Company, L.L.C. In 2015, Beyond Housing awarded Northwoods residents $500,000 in services and supplies to renovate homes, fix roofs, and rehab home exteriors.

The work continues in 2016, this time with a focus on interior renovations. In a joint venture with St. Louis Economic Development (formerly St. Louis County Economic Council) and the 24:1 Community Land Trust (24:1 CLT), Beyond Housing will determine the recipients of an additional $600,000 in services and supplies designated for interior home improvements during the summer of 2016. In June, recipients will be announced, and a call for construction bids will take place. Renovations on the Northwoods homes will begin later this summer.