Foreclosure Support

Facing Foreclosure?

Thousands of people in the St. Louis Metro Area will face foreclosure this year.

Beyond Housing is no longer providing foreclosure counseling services. Please contact the hope loan portal for assistance.
    Call the hope loan portal 1-888-995-4673    



Beyond Housing is no longer providing foreclosure prevention counseling services. The HOPE Loan Portal can guide you on next steps. PLEASE CALL 1-888-995-4673.

The below information titled “WHAT TO DO IF...” and “LINKS AND RESOURCES” can offer additional guidance.


MISSOURI is a non-judicial foreclosure state and the foreclosure process is one of the fastest in the U.S. Do not delay in addressing the issue. Reach out immediately to your lender/mortgage servicer
  • The foreclosure process requires a good bit of information and supporting financial documents. It’s a business transaction so try to keep that perspective, be accurate with financial details, and follow up.
Contact the HOPE Hotline at 1-888-995-4673 (Hope) to discuss options with a housing counselor. Take notes of options provided.
Call mortgage lender/servicer with your most recent mortgage statement in front of you. They will ask for your loan #. Don’t wait. Make them aware of your current financial hardship and discuss options. TAKE NOTES.
Open all mail. If you receive an application packet from your servicer, fill it out completely and legibly. Take time to itemize expenses. Use your bank statements. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!
If possible, pay the mortgage first and prioritize the other bills such as food, auto, and utilities. Negotiate with your credit card companies. In most cases, credit cards should be last to pay each month.
Be realistic and if you find that keeping your home is not possible, remember that “Life is all about how you handle Plan B”.
  • If you have equity in your property you may want to consider selling your home to recoup some of your money. Contact 2-3 realtors to find out how much your home would sell for at this time. Renting can be a good way to stabilize finances and avoid unexpected expenses that every homeowner experiences. It also allows time to get back on track financially by paying all bills on time and opening a savings account. Credit scores will increase and it might be possible to purchase a home again in the future.
Be aware of foreclosure rescue scams and NEVER pay anyone to help you get a loan modification.

Action Steps after talking to your lender:

Answer all calls from your lender or mortgage servicer.
Open all mail including bank statements and keep a folder for documents
  • Do NOT miss deadlines for document submission or returning signed agreements.
A “facially” complete packet (having all required documents submitted) gives some protection from foreclosure though it will not stop foreclosure.
  • Call the mortgage servicer weekly and ask for “status of the review”.
  • Pack lunch
  • Cut or reduce cable
  • Eliminate eating out
  • Review bank statements monthly and make adjustments to spending
  • Look for a better job
  • Consider a part-time job
  • Contribution from other household members
  • Roommate?
Call UNITED WAY “211” for suggestions on other resources such as food pantries, utility assistance, etc.
If the servicer is not accepting payments, save the mortgage payment each month until you reach a resolution.
Never give ANYONE your social security number online or over the phone.

If hiring an attorney, make sure they are local. Do not contract with an attorney in another state or find one on the internet. For assistance with attorney referrals:

Legal Services of Eastern MO phone--314-534-4200 or website: