Request for Proposal 24:1 Tree Canopy Assessment Services


Request for Proposal
24:1 Tree Canopy Assessment Services

Submittal Due Date: 5 pm, January 15, 2021

Beyond Housing is a community development organization with the mission to help entire communities become better places to live. We focus on the municipalities served by the Normandy Schools Collaborative—the 24:1 area—an inner-ring suburban area of St. Louis. Beyond Housing aligns partners and resources behind priorities identified by the community to address systemic challenges and capitalize on community assets. Our work is place-based and collaborative, and its scope includes all the building blocks that make up a thriving community: housing, health, education, job readiness and access, and economic development.

Since 2016, Beyond Housing’s work has included a Community Forester, funded by the Missouri Department of Conservation. The CF is responsible for promoting tree stewardship in the 24:1 by educating residents on the benefits of trees, working with local governments to promote urban forestry management, and utilizing residents, interns, volunteers and other Beyond Housing staff to maintain the tree canopy. In 2020, Beyond Housing applied for and received funding from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to expand these forestry efforts by increasing part time staff available to help the efforts, expanding education and certification initiatives for residents and local government officials, and develop plans for expansion of tree planting and conservation in key areas.

The local planning under the grant will be primarily driven by a comprehensive tree canopy assessment for which this RFP is oriented. Accordingly, Beyond Housing is looking to contract with a qualified firm that can plan and implement a tree canopy assessment, analyze the tree canopy assessment information gathered, and provide that information to the CF for use in local planning activities.

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Submittal Location:
Beyond Housing
c/o Doug Seely
6506 Wright Way
St. Louis, MO 63121
Questions or information related to this request should be directed to:
Beyond Housing
c/o Doug Seely
Phone: 314-533-0600