Tree Maintenance Seminar


On Thursday, February 16, we were excited to welcome 40 guests to our first Tree Maintenance Seminar led by Doug Seely, Beyond Housing’s Community Forrester.

During this day-long event, public works and parks employees were educated on arboriculture professionalism and provided the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skill set in the areas of commercial, municipal and utility arboriculture. Attendees were also provided specific information on tree biology, tree pruning, safety and structural soil.

Beyond Housing’s Urban Forestry Initiative is the result of a $500,000 cooperative agreement - $100,000 per year, renewable for five years – to Beyond Housing to support community forestry projects in the 24:1 Community, the 24 municipalities that make up the Normandy School Collaborative (district) by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Beyond Housing works to enhance the area’s urban landscape by maintaining and planting healthy trees that will yield environmental, health and economic benefits for the community. This project is part of Beyond Housing’s 24:1 Initiative, a comprehensive, community-driven strategy to revive this historically overlooked area through community engagement, education, health and wellness, commercial and residential real estate development, research and resource development.

“By better understanding arboriculture professionalism and trees in particular, we can help suppress or even reverse negative conditions associated with water and air pollution, energy overuse, storm water run-off and noise,” said Missouri Department of Conservation Community Forester Mark Grueber. “It is our duty to manage and care for community trees for beautification, street coverage, natural heating and cooling of houses, slowing rainfall to alleviate storm water run-off, slowing soil erosion, reducing smog, and minimizing noise pollution.”

We are grateful to our presenters Mark Grueber and Daniel Moncheski of the Missouri Department of Conservation as well as our partners at the Midwestern Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture for the grant that made this free training possible.

For additional information on Beyond Housing’s Community Forestry Program contact Doug Seely at 314.376.5630 or