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At Beyond Housing, we help build community

We began with housing in 1975, but experience and much listening taught us that home is more than housing.  To truly thrive, people also need access to quality childcare, education, health, jobs, financial services, and more. They need help in a crisis and support to achieve dreams.  Successful communities provide those resources. Beyond Housing empowers communities to provide them.


Ask, Align, Act
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The Voices of the People Drives Our Work.
Ask, Align, Act
The community’s voice drives our work.

In meetings with community members, a circle of asking, listening, and responding ensures that the community’s voice is heard. From there, we align often significant resources and act to make their vision a reality.

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We don’t just say holistic
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We focus on all the areas that help communities thrive.
We don't just say holistic
We focus on all the areas that help communities thrive.

With unstable housing, health issues or parents struggling to find work, a child can’t live up to her potential.  We address housing, education, health, employment, personal finance, community engagement and economic development.

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Collective Impact
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We align partners and resources.
Collective Impact
We align partners and resources.

To achieve a higher level of impact, we bring together nonprofits, civic leaders, and corporate partners to support a vision shared by the community. Marshalling support for a common goal is critical to helping efforts flourish.

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Supporting children and families within the community

Our Difference in Action

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    Be Kind, Again and Again

    Two things come to me that reminded me of a blog I posted earlier this year entitled “Be Kind”.  First, I was reading “Becoming Wise” by Krista Tippett, my favorite of many wonderful NPR voices, and she shared an author’s description of Dorothy Day the renowned founder of the Catholic Worker. The author said about Dorothy Day; “She thought it possible for a society to be different than it is because she thought that we’re naturally orientated to love.  We’re made to love one another.  Strife and war are a deformity of that.&nbs...
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    Beyond Housing and the Supreme Court of Missouri Announce Partnership to Reform Courts

    Beyond Housing, the Missouri Supreme Court, and several 24:1 municipalities will partner on a pilot project that will consolidate and streamline municipal court systems within the 24:1, with the goal of bringing equity and efficiency to courts. Over the next year, the Missouri Supreme Court’s Office of State Court Administration (OSCA) will work to bring multiple 24:1 municipal courts onto the state’s software system, thus providing consistency and transparency, including automatic reporting.  OSCA has received a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice as well ...
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    Home for the Holidays

    Wednesday, December 7 VIP reception starts at 6:00pm | concert at 7:30pm Sheldon Concert Hall 3648 Washington Blvd. Join us for an evening of holiday fun and lend your company’s name to help Beyond Housing continue to grow and encourage the idea of “home” – not just a home, but what happens in and around a home. Your support will go directly to a variety of programs geared towards helping thousands of people in St. Louis. Join Beyond Housing in giving “Home for the Holidays” a whole new meaning.   Home never sounded sweeter. Get Tickets ...
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Recent Accomplishments

Beyond Housing has raised and invested more than $75 million dollars since 2010 in the 24:1 community.

As part of our economic development efforts, we built Save-A-Lot - the first grocery store in Pagedale in more than 40 years.

We created groundbreaking opportunities to improve education and financial health for families, including Promise Accounts offering a free $500 college saving plan to all kindergartners attending the Normandy school district.

Beyond Housing built the Rosie Shields Manor and Vetter Place, upscale senior housing centers in Pagedale and Pine Lawn.

We established the 24:1 Community Land Trust to support the vision of Beyond Housing and provide quality, affordable housing for residents living in the 24:1 community.

To serve the financial needs of residents in the 24:1 community, Beyond Housing and the 24:1 Community Land Trust recently opened a wealth accumulation center.

Beyond Housing also built the 24:1 Cinema in the heart of Pagedale, creating jobs and a family-friendly entertainment source for the entire 24:1 community.

Our back to school event gave out more than 1,400 backpacks in 2015 filled with school supplies, along with haircuts and wellness health exams.

Students have saved more than $100,000 through our college savings program.

Community partners including AT&T have matched thousands of dollars for local students and their college saving programs.

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