Young Friends of Beyond Housing

A stronger, more equitable St. Louis starts with you.

Transforming our world for the better is not possible without the talent, energy, and passion of young leaders helping to lead the way.

The Young Friends of Beyond Housing is a dynamic group of individuals between the ages of 21 and 40 who are committed to fostering a stronger, more equitable, and prosperous St. Louis—once and for all.

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Make a difference

The Young Friends help advance Beyond Housing’s transformative work within the under-resourced communities we serve through volunteer and fundraising opportunities during special events. These events include:


NeighborWorks Week

Each year, volunteers and staff of NeighborWorks America organizations like Beyond Housing come together with community residents and leaders to clean up and beautify sidewalks and greenspaces to foster community pride.


Beyond the Backpack

Beyond the Backpack is a back-to-school event that provides students and families with school supplies and additional resources to help students make a strong start to the new academic year. These resources are a blessing to low-income families working hard to meet basic needs.


Freedom School

Freedom Schools® which is a part of the Children’s Defense Fund provides youth with summer and after-school academic enrichment designed to nurture lifelong learners, encourage civic engagement and social action, and celebrate every young person’s potential and profound impact on the world.


Holiday Friends

Low-income families are particularly affected by the rising costs of food, housing, utilities, and more. Holiday Friendsensures that children have holiday gifts and that families are not forced to choose between Christmas gifts for children and paying for rent, food, or utilities.

Advocate for a better St. Louis for all

In addition to volunteering, members:

Attend quarterly meetings and networking events

Engage personal and professional networks to support Beyond Housing’s mission

Seek out event sponsorship opportunities

Make an annual membership donation to Beyond Housing of $50


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Young Friends Co-chairs

photo of Adrienne Groves

Adrienne Groves

Adrienne Groves, Associate Director of Development at the University of Missouri–St. Louis has over 9 years of experience in education and community-focused roles. She has worked at UMSL for almost 6 years in different roles, and is inspired by the work the university does for its community within North County and the whole St. Louis region.

Before moving back to St. Louis and joining UMSL, Adrienne served as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Omaha, NE with a college-access program. This is where she found her love for higher education, and the drive to be a part of making college success accessible and equitable for all.

Outside of her profession, Adrienne enjoys spending time in nature, exploring new and familiar places, with friends, family, her dog Josh, and her Little Sister, as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Working within the 24:1 footprint, and her passion for community development, led her to Beyond Housing, and she is excited to be a part of the Young Friends.

Photo of Nico Krehmeyer

Nico Krehmeyer

Nico Krehmeyer, Project Coordinator for the Community and Economic Development team at Midwest BankCentre, is a beacon of service excellence, with a profound dedication to community empowerment at his core. From his early days volunteering with Beyond Housing to his current role at MBC, Nico has consistently exemplified an unwavering commitment to uplifting St. Louis communities.

In his role at Midwest BankCentre, Nico has been a driving force behind transformative projects aimed at enabling community revitalization. Nico spends hundreds of hours a year supporting and coordinating community-facing events connected with the Bank’s work in Community and Economic Development and Financial Empowerment. This includes working with the City of St. Louis Treasurer’s Office and the City Treasurer’s Office College Kids initiative, a nonprofit on which Nico sits on the advisory board and which offers a savings program where every student in a St. Louis Public or charter school receives a college savings account with a $50 deposit to grow.

It also includes working with refugees and immigrants arriving in St. Louis in partnership with the International Institute of St. Louis, the Afghan Chamber, and Oasis International. Nico has also facilitated numerous Bank-sponsored events and partnerships with the 24:1 Community and North St. Louis County, including the Small Business Academy, a well-received program that educated local entrepreneurs and small businesses on how to obtain capital and build their businesses.

Nico is a key driver of transformative projects aimed at fostering community revitalization. His daily engagement in supporting nonprofit clients, organizing financial empowerment events, and cultivating regional partnerships reflects his tireless efforts to uplift individuals and neighborhoods throughout the St. Louis region. Nico's collaborative approach extends to his work with governmental offices and nonprofit organizations, where he actively promotes financial empowerment and social inclusion.

To join Young Friends today please make your donation of $50.

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