The 24:1 Community

The story of the 24:1 Community

The 24:1 Community is an area comprised of multiple municipalities within the Normandy schools footprint in North St. Louis County.

Though the community is home to several thriving neighborhoods and a mix of household incomes, this area has had the highest concentration of poverty in the Missouri side of the St. Louis region for several decades.

In 2008, local mayors, officials, and residents within the Normandy schools footprint in North St. Louis County began a series of conversations in partnership with Beyond Housing on how to address the many challenges resulting from decades of disinvestment and decline.

From these discussions, the 24:1 Community was born. Chosen by the community, the name represents the 24 municipalities (now 23) within the Normandy schools footprint united under one vision for neighborly communities, invested families, and successful businesses.

The 24:1 Community

  • Population: 36,000+
  • Highest concentration of poverty in the Missouri side of the St. Louis region
    • Median household income: $34,738
    • Percentage of households living in poverty: 29%
    • Percentage of children living in poverty: 47%
    • Percentage of children in Pine Lawn living in poverty: 67%
  • Home of University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • Three Fortune 500 companies—Boeing, Express Scripts, and Emerson—located within a 10-minute drive
  • Approximately a 10-minute drive from Lambert Airport and the Delmar Loop
  • A 15-minute drive to Clayton and downtown St. Louis

Reversing decades of decline

The next several years were focused on stabilizing these municipalities to prevent further decline and creating the infrastructure of staff, nonprofit partners, programs, and close trusted relationships to fulfill our comprehensive model and create real change.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and commitment of residents, officials, and our many partners, great progress has been made since 2010. Reversing decades of decline doesn’t happen overnight, however. There is still much work to be done.

What happens in communities like the 24:1 Community has a large impact on our entire region. The further transformation of this community is critical—not just for this community but for all of St. Louis.

Learn more about the community and our work by visiting the community website at

Highlights Since 2010


raised and invested in the 24:1 Community


invested in construction projects for housing and economic development

Municipal consolidations of police, courts, 
and other 
essential services


increase in property values

First ever municipal merger in St . Louis County

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