A Statement on the Coronavirus to the 24:1 Community

As news of coronavirus situation continues to remain fluid and evolve with each passing day, Beyond Housing would like to address everyone in the 24:1 Community as well as our many valuable partners.

When our neighborhoods are threatened during any kind of crisis, community and faith-based nonprofits are among the first to answer the call to help those who need it most.

This situation will be no different. Though it will likely prove challenging for our entire country as well as for organizations like ours, we want to assure the 24:1 Community that we stand ready to ensure the safety and well-being of every single person who lives here.

As the situation unfolds, we are working on plans to provide the best assistance we can to protect this community and will make other announcements in the coming days.

Beyond Housing and our many non-profit partners were created for challenging times such as this one. It’s why we do this work, and it’s when we are at our best.

Just as in the 2008 financial crisis and other times of challenge, we will get through this like we always have—together and stronger than before.

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