A Teacher Fears for Her Children

A woman we serve in the community is a dedicated second-grade teacher for the Normandy school district. In addition to being like a second mom to her students, she also has two children of her own, ages eight and twelve.

Ever since the pandemic forced the schools to close, she has been teaching her class virtually online but not all of her students have been attending. The Normandy Schools Collaborative was able to purchase enough Chromebooks for each family in the district. With the support of the Community Impact Network, the district is now working to provide a Chromebook and internet access for every student.

She worries about the long-term effect this pandemic on her own family as well as her students who have not been able to attend class until now. With so many of these students already at a disadvantage, she’s afraid they will fall so far behind that it will be difficult for them to ever catch back up.

She also has her own struggles to deal with. She is currently behind in her rent because she’s been trying to pay other bills and buy food for her family. While working through these issues she is also making sure her own kids keep up with their schoolwork.

This teacher and mother is an example of the many hardworking people in this community who do everything they can to achieve a better life and provide for their children.

As with hundreds of other families we serve in the area, Beyond Housing is now helping her with rent assistance so she and her children can make it through the difficult weeks ahead. Supporting these families is vital to prevent them from falling into a financial hole and to ensure that they can recover like the rest of us once this pandemic has ended.

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