Ameren Funds Ring Camera Safety Initiative for Residents of the 24:1 Community

At Beyond Housing we continually work with residents, community leaders, and other partners to make the 24:1 Community a better place to live. Our model of Ask, Align, Act ensures that the people within the community guide our actions by telling us what is needed most. We then align resources from other partners, from non-profits to corporate, to meet the needs of this community.

Thanks to the generous support of Ameren Missouri and the work of the 24:1 Municipal Partnership, a partnership of local mayors in the community, and the North County Police Cooperative, we can confidently say that the 24:1 Community will be a safer place to live.

Ameren Missouri has awarded the 24:1 Municipal Partnership $25,000 to fund a Ring home security camera and community lighting safety initiative for the 24:1 Community. This initiative is a new and innovative way to support communities through safety and energy.

“The data shows these cameras make a real difference,” said Beyond Housing President and CEO, Chris Krehmeyer. “The 24:1 Municipal Partnership, our local police departments, and all of us at Beyond Housing are grateful to Ameren Missouri for their continued interest in the safety and well-being of our citizens.”

In North St. Louis County, many residents have purchased Ring and other home security cameras on their own which have assisted the North County Police Cooperative in solving investigations. “Placing additional Ring cameras throughout the neighborhoods will be a strong crime deterrent,” said North County Cooperative Chief of Police, John Buchannan. In a study of two neighborhoods in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Police Department reported a 50% reduction in burglaries in the area where Ring cameras were installed.

Beyond Housing and the 24:1 Municipal Partnership will be working with local police departments to coordinate the distribution of the cameras by prioritizing areas through crime data and citizen input. To complement the cameras, Ameren Missouri will also have another resident light bulb distribution and conduct streetlight replacement within priority areas.

“This important program will provide tools the community needs to boost public safety, while helping residents feel secure in their neighborhood,” said Marco Tipton, Ameren Missouri community development executive. “We’re proud to partner with Beyond Housing to provide additional safety and energy solutions for our customers.”

The 24:1 Municipal Partnership will announce this collaborative effort by press conference on February 6, 2020 at 4:30 PM at Beyond Housing’s headquarters at 6506 Wright Way, St. Louis, MO 63121. All media and the public are invited to attend.

Thank you to Ameren Missouri, the 24:1 Municipal Partnership, and the North County Police Cooperative for making the 24:1 Community is a safer place for all.

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