Beyond Housing Partners with Cincinnati Agencies to Build a Culture of Health

We’re thrilled to announce that Beyond Housing has received $20,000 to take part in a peer-learning initiative between community organizations in St. Louis and Cincinnati. This effort will look at the social determinants of health, focusing on the ways in which community leaders and organizations can improve youth engagement, community policing, and community development to better support the health of entire communities.

Beyond Housing and partner organizations will visit Cincinnati in August for a peer-learning symposium to share knowledge and best practices around these key issues. Joining Beyond Housing from St. Louis are the 24:1 Mayors Collaborative, North County Police Cooperative, Normandy Collaborative School Board, and Young Voices with Action. Organizations in Cincinnati include Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), Greater Cincinnati Foundation, Walnut Hills Redevelopment Corporation, Youth at the Center, CityLink, and the City of Cincinnati. Findings will be shared between participating organizations, helping to bring fresh approaches and new ideas to tackle some of the most difficult issues communities across the nation face.

Funding is through the Community Collaborative Learning Funds, which are made possible by the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps (CHR&R) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Community Collaborative Learning Funds are managed by TSNE MissionWorks’ project, Healthy Places by Design.

This is an exciting and unique opportunity for organizations addressing similar issues to share insights and learn from each other in order to have an even greater impact on our communities and the lives of their citizens.

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