Beyond Housing’s Anti-Bias and Anti-Racism Commitment

Beyond Housing seeks to be accountable in our work, especially to communities of color, to hold the principles of social justice, equal rights, and equitable opportunity and access at the core of everything we do.

Beyond Housing recognizes that racism is a barrier to the effective delivery of our mission and acknowledges that racism and privilege are present in our communities and institutions. No organization can consider themselves to be immune from these forces, including Beyond Housing. For that reason, we recognize the need to 1) become aware of the manifestations of racism and privilege in our own lives, in the systems we create and support, and in our culture; 2) work collaboratively within our communities to alleviate the consequences of historic racism 3) actively work as an organization to honor and support each other’s differences; and 4) incorporate anti-biased service delivery throughout every department and level at our organization.

Racism is dehumanizing to everyone it touches. Beyond Housing believes that creating an antiracist world where all people are afforded equitable opportunity to fulfill their dreams and ambitions and live their best lives is in the best interest of us all, and critical to the future and success of the greater St. Louis region.

Beyond Housing also believes that resistance to racism requires resistance to all other forms of social inequity and oppression, as well. To build stronger communities, we are dedicated to removing barriers to success for all families and individuals regardless of race, religion, background, sexual orientation, color, ethnicity, age, ability, country of origin, or gender. We are committed to building diversity within our institution, promoting an understanding of social problems among our staff, and tipping long-standing scales of injustice toward greater equity in the communities we serve.

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