Express Scripts and Others Make Significant Investments in the 24:1 Community

See how the support of companies like Express Scripts are making the 24:1 Community and the St. Louis region stronger for all.

Beyond Housing is excited to announce that Express Scripts has committed $300,000 to support our continued work in the 24:1 Community, which comprises the 24 municipalities within the Normandy Schools Collaborative in North St. Louis County. The grant from Express Scripts will make a big difference for families struggling to access health care, especially for people with diabetes and children with asthma.

 “In our ten years working to build the 24:1 Community, we’re seeing success here on a level like never before,” said Beyond Housing President and CEO, Chris Krehmeyer. “Investments from companies like Express Scripts, Emerson, Boeing, and Bank of America mean the rest of St. Louis is seeing it too, and realize how important strong communities are in keeping our region on the map as a great place to be.”

Beyond Housing is a nationally recognized community development organization that builds successful communities through a comprehensive approach focusing on six key areas—education, housing, health, employment readiness and access, economic development, and personal finance.

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