Great things are happening here in the 24:1 Community, and now the word is getting around all over town—literally, with a special 24:1 Community Metro bus.

Renowned local mural artist William Burton Jr. created the artwork, which includes images of residents, local landmarks, and a colorful, vibrant and growing community under the theme “#growingtogether.”

The artwork was also a team effort—members of the local community helped Mr. Burton paint the bus at the first annual 24:1 Arts Culturefest on Saturday, October 20th.

The special 24:1 Community MetroBus is an acknowledgement and tribute to the great strides and accomplishments being made here in the 24:1, and a great way to share our community spirit and pride with the rest of St. Louis.

The bus is now in service and will travel along a variety of Metro bus routes in St. Louis City and St. Louis County for an entire year. So the next time you see it in action, take a photo and share it online with the hashtag “#growingtogether” and help spread the love for living in the 24:1!

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