Here’s what your commitment means for the St. Louis region

As a member of the Hawthorne Society, you’ve had opportunities to see firsthand that investing in our under-resourced communities is vital for moving all of St. Louis forward—and that, together, we can be a force for change.

Membership in the Hawthorne Society is more than a donation—it’s an investment in creating a stronger St. Louis, once and for all.

You’ll be invited to exclusive events, small group gatherings, one-on-one meetings with CEO & President Chris Krehmeyer, and have access to first-hand information, news, and updates, including quarterly State of the Community reports.

Make your pledge to Hawthorne for 2024 today!

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If you are ready to join the Hawthorne Society again today and connect with other like-minded individuals who are also interested in creating a stronger, more prosperous St. Louis for all, you can make a donation now.

If you are looking for Beyond Housing programs and services, please visit the appropriate link.