Welcome to the hawthorne society

Hawthorne is everything. It's importance in our lives can't be overestimated.

The Hawthorne Society transforms vacant housing into quality, affordable homes for low-income families, changing lives and improving communities for generations to come.

The society is made possible by its members who give $1,000 or more, often in addition to their general donations to Beyond Housing. The donated funds are pooled and used to fund the housing rehabilitation and construction. When families move in, they also receive a refrigerator full of healthy food and a housewarming gift to help them through the stresses and expenses of moving.

Homes rehabilitated by the Hawthorne Society give families a chance to live in well-maintained homes, with access to Beyond Housing’s range of support services, as well as helping the whole neighborhood by rehabilitating vacant and abandoned buildings.

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Please contact Becky Moss, Chief Development Officer

Call: 314.533.0600 or email: bmoss@beyondhousing.org