Humanity in the Middle

Bridging the Gap Between People of Color and the Police

Since the inception of the North County Police Cooperative, we have partnered with Beyond Housing on many different community related initiatives. From Movie Nights in Pagedale to a United States Armed Forces Veteran’s home rehab project in Pine Lawn. We are proud to work side by side with Beyond Housing in helping make the communities we serve better every single day.

Currently, we are partnering with Beyond Housing on the “Humanity in the Middle” initiative. This project relies first on our recognition of the far too many incidences of violence by police related to people living in our communities. These acts are at times horrific and can never be condoned by anyone. We also understand that a police officer’s duties are complicated and at times very difficult. Witnessing the transgressions of humanity, often times without the opportunity to properly reflect on their impact to all involved, can be overwhelming and long lasting to a police officer’s mental state.

Our goal in this partnership is to recognize these challenges and bring people together in ending this struggle. Without a mutual vision, we simply cannot overcome what has been in front of us for a very long time. We are looking for your help in this great cause.

The objective is to get younger adults and teenagers involved in bridging the gap between police and people in our communities.

Beyond Housing and the North County Police Cooperative have planned a trip September 12th thru 15th 2019, for a group of 30 teenagers from the North St. Louis County area, to the Lynching Memorial housed in the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, AL. The trip will be chaperoned by members of the Beyond Housing Staff, police officers and other Community Leaders.

We believe that this positive interaction, in a locale that is so ingrained and so important to the fabric of our American Society, will prove to be invaluable in creating long lasting relationships that can help in overcoming any challenges we are to face in the future.

Our Request to you is to Help with Funding this Unbelievable Opportunity

The North County Police Cooperative and Beyond Housing will handle employee costs since they will be chaperones. Our goal is to provide 20 scholars with an immersion experience of a life time. Costing only $700 each.

This cost will cover transportation, lodging, entry into various museums/ attractions, food and incidentals. That’s only $700 per scholar for a life changing educational experience. For some this will be their first trip outside of St. Louis.

Our hope is that this trip for these teenagers will be the start of a new hope and new beginning in the way we work together in the future. We need you with us!!!


John Buchannan 
Chief of Police, North County Police Cooperative

Contributions are tax deductible and can be made via check to or in person at Beyond Housing 6506 Wright Way, Pine Lawn, MO 63121 by July 15th.

If paying by check, please note that the contribution is for “Humanity in the Middle” on the memo line.

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