Powerball Daydreaming

By Chris Krehmeyer, President and CEO, Beyond Housing

Like many others this past week my family purchased our lottery tickets and listened for the latest update on how big the prize was getting. $1,600,000,000!!! Almost too big to really understand. Yes, I did gaze at the ceiling and listed off oh the things I would do. I knew it was incredibly unlikely, but. . . . a guy can dream can’t he? For some of you reading this it might be a little boring but here is my list of what I would do if I won – although not vetted with Mrs. Krehmeyer;

– Pay off my mortgage

– Pay off my oldest son’s student loans

– Bank enough for my two youngest to attend college

– Pay off mortgages for my brother and my two brothers in law

– Put a little more in my mother’s investment account to make her less nervous

– Really update my house from top to bottom

– Update our little raggedy country house

– Create an endowment for Beyond Housing that is really big

I really did not go any further than that – just not into stuff. Then Thursday morning came and I realized that my 292,000,000 to 1 shot did not come true. Then I thought what if someone in St. Louis won and wanted to help Beyond Housing, how cool would that be? Nope, Tennessee, California, and Florida. So, back to the real world and my easy, love my job, love my family, no real worries life. How many other Powerball daydreamers have a different reality? How many Powerball daydreamers struggle making ends meet, to provide for their families and save for the future? My daydream ended as quickly as everyone else but my reality is easier than most.

I want my fellow daydreamers to have a real path to economic security, family success and a future that can be a soft landing when that Powerball ticket does not come in. I want my fellow daydreamers to have that list of what they would do but be absolutely happy and satisfied with their life. The path to not needing the Powerball ticket should be available for everyone and through hard work, a little support and systems that really function for everyone that dreams really can come true. The dream of homeownership, the dream of college for your kids, the dream of a satisfying life no matter what that means to you.

I’ll keep dreaming (and working!) to make that happen.

Chris Explainer

Chris Krehmeyer I’ve been working in community development in the St. Louis area for 25 years, and I’ve been the CEO of Beyond Housing since 1993. While I’m proud of our accomplishments, I don’t claim to be an expert. At Beyond Housing, the experts we listen to are the voices of the community members we serve. I’ll be raising issues here that I believe matter to our community. I hope you’ll join the conversation. We do reserve the right not to post comments containing offensive language. To paraphrase Dr. King, we can disagree without being disagreeable.

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