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The 24:1 Initiative

Children’s well-being forms the heartbeat of the community. Children’s success depends on engaged families. Engaged families depend on the support offered by strong communities.

The 24:1 Initiative of Beyond Housing is taking on multiple challenges formed over decades in North St. Louis County. The name 24:1 was chosen by the community and represents the 24 municipalities in the Normandy school district with one vision for successful children, engaged families, and strong community.

Beyond Housing’s approach brings lasting results because we listen to the community, act as stewards of their vision, and bring together partners to support that vision and generate results.

Our truly holistic approach was formed by the voice of community members taking part in hundreds of local meetings. Success is fueled by the collective impact generated by the participation of dozens of nonprofits, businesses, churches, government officials, and agencies from within and outside the community.

Here are a few examples of 24:1 initiatives:

What We Do - Kid Drawing
What We Do - Girls Walking

Successful children

  • Youth Impact Continuum – Partners coming together to support students in the Normandy Schools Collaborative from cradle to career.

  • Viking Advantage – A special savings account that matches every $1 a student saves with $3 for college.

  • 5byAge5 – Engaging over 20 local non-profit partners to prepare children for successful kindergarten entry.

  • Nurses for Newborns – Home visits for any expecting mom or mom with a new baby up to two years. Includes development screenings, immunization review, and connecting to health resources.

What We Do - Classroom
What We Do - Group Normandy

Engaged families

  • Affordable Quality Homes Program – Stabilizing neighborhoods while offering homeownership opportunities to families who might otherwise never realize their dream of homeownership.

  • Money Smart Week –A week-long series designed to help families and consumers better manage their finances and pursue their financial goals.

  • Family Engagement Liaisons – Working with the Normandy Schools Collaborative, liaisons connect families to resources, services, and information to help their students succeed.

  • Healthy Corridor – Encourages walking and biking along a corridor of health and family resources including two parks, YWCA Head Start Center, and the Pagedale Family Support Center.

What We Do - 241 Cinema
What We Do - House

Strong communities

  • 24:1 Community Land Trust – In addition to assisting homeownership, the 24:1 CLT offers employment opportunities; funds economic development, including the brand new 24:1 Cinema; and returns proceeds to fund community needs including early childhood education.

  • 24:1 Municipal Government Partnerships – A committee of mayors and key staff created to collaborate on cost savings and service improvements. The collaboration has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings across the entire 24:1 footprint.

  • Page Avenue Town Center Development – The result of listening to voices in the community calling for economic revitalization, the Town Center provides community banking, personal finance support and resources, senior living, access to healthy food, and so much more.

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